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Towns County Conventions and Visitors Bureau
January 14, 2020

There was a CVB meeting held on Tuesday January 14th, 2020, at 8:00 AM at the Towns County Civic Center. In attendance were members A. Anderson, Dr. Nicholson, S. Dearing, C. Burton, S. Youngblood, H. Burch and J McConnell, R. Allen and Chairman Phillips. Jane Holland who serves as the board’s treasurer

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Phillips at 8am.

Minutes-  Minutes from November 21st , 2019 meeting were read by board. Dr. Nicholson made a motion to accept; R. Allen seconded; Motion passed unanimously.


FINANCIAL– Charles reported that the first full year of operating was a productive year and we were able to place some last minute ads to carry us to Spring 2020.

Old Business:

Website Update: H. Burch updated the board that the copy of the site is almost 90% complete. Pending a good explanation of Tate City, connecting the generic email, updating and obtaining additional photos of the Georgia side. Timeline expected an additional six weeks.

IRS 1024 Form: Jane updated the board of the filing fee paid in December 2019. The check cleared the bank on December 31st 2019 for $600.


Hotel & Motel Tax Update: Collections were up 17% from 2018. Total collected in 2019 $251,293.00. In addition 50 properties were added in 2019.

Approval of Letterhead and Envelopes, Business Cards: H. Burch made a motion to approve $300 worth of spending on supplies needed for letterhead, envelopes and business cards; J. McConnell seconded. All in favor.

Approval of advertising $’s for unexpected advertising opportunities: Dr. Nicholson made a motion for the Finance Committee to have the authority to approve up to $6000 on advertisement opportunities. Youngblood seconded; all in favor.

800 Number: Jane would like to see about getting a 800# for office. Andrea will call to check on pricing and let the board know what she finds out.

Funds to purchase photos: Jane brought photos for the board to review from Barry K Berrong. They would be 25 photos for $500. Burton suggested we hold off on Berrong photo purchase at this time. The board is going to reach out to additional options to make sure we are gaining the best photos for the website.

Approval of Revised Grand Report 2020: Motion was passed on to Haley’s committee to review and make any adjustments after the 2020 Grant reviews have been processed.

County/City Updates:

Michael Courey – Hamilton Gardens – Please see “Exhibit A” attached to minutes as reference to Mr. Courey’s concerns about the CVB’s restrictions on the 60 mile requirement for advertising. Mr. Courey stated he wished to change the statement at the end of his email “and to speak as an in individual of Towns Co., Ga.”.

Adjourn- J.McConnell made a motion to adjourn; Andrea seconded. Meeting was adjourned.

Ronnie Phillips
Sarah Dearing