Explore Hiawassee’s Hidden Gems: Unveiling the Best Hikes & Trails

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North Georgia offers a multitude of exciting hidden trails adventures as well as tons of incredible photo spots.  Our small town of Hiawassee in Towns County offers some of the very best including the wonders of the Appalachian Trail, the vista from Bell Mountain and the outlook from Georgia’s highest peak, Brasstown Bald. Adventure seekers are drawn to the area by its undiscovered treasures. Find historical landmarks, captivating waterfalls, mountain trails, and more.

Hikers and explorers alike flock to this part of Georgia to bask in the peaceful beauty around them and reconnect with nature. Take a hike with me as we delve deeper into some of Hiawassee’s favorite hikes and trails.

Exhilarating Appalachian Trail

The most well-known trail of course is the Appalachian Trail which runs through Towns County just outside Hiawassee. It Is a fantastic treasure for hikers.  Whether you are looking for a short day hike for a few hours or a longer trek that takes most of the day, the breathtaking sights and sounds of the Blue Ridge Mountains never disappoint. Join the decades of hikers seeking to find themselves among the beauty of the Blue Ridge.

Helpful Key Points 

  • The length of the trail in Georgia is 78 miles.
  • Hikers can complete this multiday trek according to their comfort.
  • You may park your vehicles at Unicoi Gap and Dicks Creek Gap.

Things You Need: Make Your Hike Fun & Memorable

Make sure to be prepared for your adventure by dressing in comfortable and appropriate clothing, packing bottles of water, snacks, first aid kit, and a map.  Always check the weather and notify a friend or family member of your hiking plans before setting out. Also, be realistic about your fitness level and hiking experience. Be sure to follow any guidelines and signs regarding wildlife along the trail.

Bell Mountain Park & Historical Site

A memorable destination, Bell Mountain Park offers both scenic beauty and historical significance. Offering one of the best views of the valley, the summit beckons to couples and adventure seekers alike. While this is technically not included in Towns County hikes, it still offers a view that is almost impossible to match.  You’ll be able to capture some incredible photos without even breaking out the hiking boots.

Helpful Key Points

  • The windy paved path is approximately 2 miles long and is very steep.
  • You can park in the lot near the viewing decks.

Things You Need: Make Your Hike Fun & Memorable

Prepare for your trip by learning about the history of Bell Mountain to understand how it came to be. You can carry binoculars to spot wildlife and mountain ranges. Wear comfortable clothes according to weather conditions. Don’t forget your water, snacks, and even bring a blanket to enjoy a picnic.

  • Remember your sunglasses, hat or jacket if needed.

Brasstown Bald Recreation & Visitors Center

Hikers can feel the rush of reaching Georgia’s High Point at Brasstown Bald. Activities start at the Recreation & Visitors Center. Hikers can start the trail from the Center and go straight to the summit. Once hikers reach the top, they can see stunning views stretching across multiple states. It is truly a remarkable view! If you do not wish to hike to the top, Georgia’s High Point has a shuttle available that can take you to the top of the mountain.

Helpful Key Points

  • The distance of the trail is only 0.6 miles.
  • Hikers can reach their destination in less than an hour.
  • Parking is available at the Brasstown Bald Visitor Center and Trailhead for a fee.

Things You Need: Make Your Hike Fun & Memorable

Hikers can learn about the local geology and environment at the Visitor Center. Bring water, food, and a lightweight jacket for the summit hike.  Be mindful of symptoms related to altitude sickness, such as breathlessness and dizziness.

Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens is an impeccable place for a scenic walk. Boasting the largest collection of native azalea and rhododendrons in the Southeast, this 30-acre oasis features dogwoods, trillium, ferns, and rare forest perennials. It is a botanical woodland offering both 1 and 2-mile loops perfect for a leisurely stroll.  Guests can spend hours exploring various flowers, plants, and theme landscapes. Hamilton Garden can stimulate your senses, and serve as a reminder to relax, slow down, smell the flowers and truly see the beauty around you.

Helpful Key Points

  • The length of this loop trail is 1 – 2 miles depending on which loops you take.
  • Hikers can spend quality time in the garden according to their leisure.
  • Parking is available at the entrance.

Things You Need: Make Your Hike Fun & Memorable

Hikers can wear comfortable walking shoes to explore the garden on a loop trail. Picking up a garden guide or map can ease up the journey. Beverages and snacks are permitted but you’ll need to leave your pets at home.

  • Don’t pick flowers or disturb the garden’s delicate ecosystems.
  • Remember to dispose of the trash in designated bins.

High Shoals Falls & Blue Hole Falls

Slip away into the forest and find refreshing serenity amongst these two waterfalls within the Chattahoochee National Forest. Visitors of all ages can navigate the pathways leading to these majestic hidden trails.

Helpful Key Points

  • The length of the High Shoals Falls trail is 2.5 miles – round trip.
  • The length of the Blue Hole Falls trail is 0.5 miles – round trip.
  • Hikers can spend one to three hours completing these Towns County hikes.
  • People can park their vehicles near the trailhead parking areas.

Things You Need: Make Your Hike Fun & Memorable

Hikers should wear quality water shoes or hiking sandals. Waterproof backpacks are recommended as this adventure can be wet and slippery. Hikers might get the urge to take a dip in the Blue Hole Falls, so they should pack their swim attire. Healthy snacks and water are a must for the hike.

  • Be careful when exploring rocky terrains, especially near waterfalls.
  • Follow the track to avoid getting lost and damaging unique vegetation.

The End Note

You can explore these hidden trails solo or with your peers; the choice is yours. So, are you excited about your next Hiawassee adventure? Then let us give you our last tip: don’t forget to carry your camera or charge your smartphone. Take breaks wherever you like and snap pictures of the scenic beauty of Hiawassee’s hidden gems. To relax after a long day on the trail, check out these places for your comfort. Happy hiking!